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Hello, my name is Glenn and I'd like to tell you how I'm able to help you solve your problems, whatever they are.

To get there, first a bit about me.

I've had a rich life. Not one of riches, but rich all the same; I'll explain. My earliest job was a farmer; milked cows twice a day and tended the crops during the summer. It was a tough job with unkind hours. From there I moved into all kinds of odd jobs from stucco to flooring, from labor-4-hire to fast food. By the time I was 19 I was doing retail sales for computer software in the mall at a place called Babbage's. It was a fun job and the first one where I felt appreciated - I was able to provide people with a computer program that solved a particular need or desire they had, and they loved me for it.

That sold it for me. I knew I had to have a career in software, so I started learning how to create websites and write code. For the past 20 years, this trajectory has exposed me to many markets through various startups and freelance clients. I've played diverse roles from code-monkey to marketing manager, from engineer to systems administrator, support tech to customer management. I've been fortunate enough to have held key positions on large projects in telecom billing and customer management, domain registration and hosting, network marketing, real estate, tax management, ad agencies, content management, event management...the list goes on.

So how does all this help you? You probably already have some ideas ... I'm a problem solver and I'm really good at solving problems of a technical nature. So tell me your woes and let's see what can be done.

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