drill machine

What is the use of a drill machine

Drilling is a technique that has been used for a long time. It essentially means to make a hole with the use of a weapon. Similarly, Homo sapiens in the past used a rock with pointy edges that would spin in between their fingers, and then with some other hand, they would hammer it to create a hole. Drilling technology advanced throughout time, and the Bow Drill is regarded as the first drill machine. Bow drills were used in woodworking, brickwork, and metalwork.

Main parts of drill machine-

  • Bed
  • Pillar
  • Swivel table
  • Motor
  • Steeped pulley
  • Spindle
  • Chuck
  • Drill Bit and
  • Hand-wheel.

What is the speed of the drill machine?

The cutting speed is determined by the speed of the cutting tool’s perimeter in meters per minute. The cutting speed is determined by the material that is drilled. The cutting speed typically ranges from 10 to 90 m / min. The high-speed drill’s cutting speed should be twice that of the steel drill.

Precautions while using the machine

  • The drill machine must be powerful enough to drill a hole inside the workpiece, and the parts could be distorted due to the cutting speed. Drill feeding arrangements must be steady in all directions.
  • To avoid any form of inaccuracy, the Axis of the wheel, adapter, and tool must all coincide.
  • Use a ground drill to create homogeneous chips from both edges of the sharp tool; otherwise, forces acting may bend the tool throughout machining.

A drilling machine is generally employed in regions where there is a lot of production activity. They are made up of several unit heads with or several spindles that are angular, vertical, or horizontal positions.