Learn The Truth About Pangeanic Translation Services

Pangeanic is an international translation company specializing in the translation of extended documents and Sprint AI.Every workstation at Pangeanic Translation Bureau is part of a global community that makes “a translation Company near you” a reality 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The entire Pangeanic translation company strives to reduce the time required for editing, revisions and proofreading. Our translation agency is based on the philosophy of “quality delivery” and offers a smarter translation service delivery process, saving you, the consumer, time and money. How can we help you? We use highly secure, award-winning translation memory technology, high-quality neural machine translation created through in-house research and development, publishing and translation APIs, and translation management software (TMS) that reduces inefficient processes.

Machine Translation

Our neural machine translation capabilities are highly valued in the enterprise market.We provide machine translation services to licensed companies that require early knowledge assessment for international litigation. With the ECO platform, you can securely translate documents, Excel transcripts, PowerPoint transcripts and more as a cloud-based or on-premises machine translation services solution.

Today, the combination of machine translation and infrastructure provides opportunities for customers in the healthcare, pharmaceutical, banking and financial institutions, international agencies and consulting firms who most often choose to translate documents on their intranets. Digital reputation monitoring may be the preferred application of our machine translation agency.

Tourism, travel, hospitality, social media, and advertising companies benefit from real-time translation in any language and need to understand and measure real-time satisfaction with customer recommendations.