The proper way of using gauze pads

Sterile gauze is used to stop bleeding and keeping the wounds clean. It helps treat burns, cuts, scrapes, and various other small to medium wounds. It will also protect the area from the debris and dirt which can cause the wounds to be infected.

This is combined with medical tape and it is used as the versatile bandage for wounds of all sizes, shapes, and locations. When you are using the roll of the gauze besides the gauze pads then you will get more flexibility in respect to the size and the location of the injury.

You can also put the pair of scissors in the first aid kit, by which you would be able to make any size of bandage. Don’t worry about how to use gauze pads. When you read this article, you will get some basic ideas about using gauze pads.

Sometimes there is tension when the bandage becomes non-sterile. As long as you will keep it clean there is no chance of an increase in the infection.

Use of Gauze

Clean the wound properly. Soak the gauze in some disinfectant like Betadine, and then you can gently clean the cut and remove all the dirt. In this way, all the bacteria would be killed.

Cover the wound properly when bleeding has been stopped. Smear the layer of Ointment over it and then cover it properly with the gauze. Make use of the medicated transpore tape for fixing the bandage. The bandage should be required to change once a day.


Keep the pair of trauma shears, foldable scissors, or the multitool in the first aid. This will help you in cutting the gauze of any shape or size.


Gauze roll is much good than a gauze pad

It can help in cleaning wounds, stops bleeding, and prevents infections.