What are all the Services provided by CBI around the World

The key success of the business sectors and industries are information, making the right decision, and take the right action. CBI provides these services to the business sectors and industries around the world to become a success by providing Due Diligence, Business Credit Report, Employment Screening, Asset Search, Business Verification, and Site Investigation. They are not proving the outdated information but analyze the current information of the company to reduce risk.

Due diligence means collecting the financial records of the third party before making the transaction. Business Credit Report holds the transaction history, business profile report, and credit reports, In the Employment Screening they verify the employee’s education and qualification.

Asset Search holds the records of land and properties and in the business verification, they verify the validation details of the company. Site Investigation means exterior and interior look of the Company. The CBI serves these types of facilities to the company sectors to become a success in their field.

Credit report refers to the complete analysis of the payment details and reports them in an easily readable written format. In hong kong credit report, they store the details of their client and customers dealing and their payment. This report shows whether they can repay debts and containing information about the bankruptcies, liens, judgments, or collections. There is some standard business credit report format in which they have details of Client, Report mode, Date of order, Date of delivery, Number of reports, Product code, Subject Company, Country/Region, CBI Business credit score, and Risk level. By using these reports, you can identify whether your shareholders are capable of product delivery and payment.