Why You Must Look Into Email Security?

As a move to hybrid and remote work, the communication platforms have now become quite essential to the daily working lives of the people. Email lives at a center of that. However, rise of the cryptocurrency has now ushered in the period of cyber crime, with advanced email compromise on scams & ransomware attacks. Suppose you wish to keep the notes secure, there’re many ways you can encrypt them by using privnote. Irrespective of if you wish to stick with this service, or you wish to try out something new, you will find the app that works perfect for you.

Your employees must not need to sacrifice on reliability, mobility, and economy of the inboxes. For this reason, email-based authentication and solutions such as encryption are very important to keep the data safe and secure.

What is Data Encryption?

Data encryption mainly translates data in another form, and code, so that people with an access to the secret key (called decryption key) and password can only read it. The encrypted data is referred commonly as ciphertext, whereas unencrypted data is named plaintext. At present, encryption is the effective and popular data security ways used by the organizations. There are two kinds of the data encryption exist – one is asymmetric encryption, called public-key encryption, and the symmetric encryption.


Encryption Will Help to Protect the Remote Workers

Most of the C-level executives think that risk of the data breach will be higher when the employees work remotely. It isn’t surprising as a lot of remote workers store their confidential data on devices, and firms have very little or no control over how the data is shared and accessed.

It is reported that 2 in 5 respondents said that they, or somebody they know, had stolen or lost device in the public place, and most don’t use encryption. Once again, all confidential information must be encrypted, and the remote workers must make use of virtual private networks to prevent the cybercriminals intercepting the unsecured Wi-Fi connections & distributing malware.

Avoiding any compromised accounts & identity theft 

Suppose any user’s email address gets compromised, it will cause a lot of chaos reputational and financial damages. The encryption will mitigate impact of the compromised account providing encryption keys & digital signatures stay protected. This means, if attacker accesses the information, they will just see scrambled data.  It is very important to note these breaches are not uncommon.  Hence, you must take proper precaution.