Wooden flooring types and their advantages

Wooden floors have been a popular homeowner option and why not? It makes any room appear attractive and provides elegance and warmth that many other floor coverings cannot match. But you can’t choose your herringbone pattern flooring just by what its appearance! There are many factors to consider, so we have compiled a comprehensive guide to help you make an informed decision.

Most popular wood flooring types:

Before we discuss the characteristics of different types of wood flooring, let us find out which styles are most popular in India.

1.      Harwood

This solid wood floor is composed of genuine wood from top to bottom, harvested from a range of trees, such as oak, walnut, pine, etc.


It is very durable and can be used for several years if properly maintained. Over its existence, many times during its service life. Although most they should be protected from moisture. When prefabricated, that is, with a top protective layer.

2.      Engineered wood

The wood flooring is the furnace of actual wood attached underneath to several layers of other wood, such as stair nosing. Over time this wood provides exceptional stability.


Very sturdy, an excellent choice for any area of ​​your home. It also resists moisture better than hardwood.

3.      Laminate wood

Floating wood and laminate floor tiles are of a synthetic material that stimulates the appearance of laminated wood.


Although laminate flooring is very durable, the huge advantage is that it is easy to install.

Advantages of wood flooring

1. Sustainable:

Wood floors are highly durable and may last a lifetime with the correct care.

2. High Worth for resale:

In addition to adding a rich and luxurious house look, wooden flooring also enhances your home’s value if you ever plan to sell it.

3. Exquisite appearance:

The beauty of hardwood floors is their simplicity, to say the least, to make your entire space look gorgeous. Add more warmth to the room.

4. Versatile:

Your choice of decorating your room with parquet floors expands because almost all home accessories elegantly match the wood floor.