artificial green wall

More information about artificial green wall

Artificial green walls are becoming increasingly popular in urban areas. They can be composed of various plants, creating an attractive vertical garden that is often used to beautify urban spaces.

The living garden wall serves many functions aside from being aesthetically pleasing. The layers of vegetation provide thermal insulation to the building it covers, reducing both heating and cooling costs. Additionally, it cleanses air pollutants through phytoremediation, allowing plants to absorb harmful chemicals through their root system into their leaves and then convert them into food. The living wall absorbs the air pollutants, creating a healthier work environment for that inside and removing harmful chemicals from the atmosphere that contribute to smog. The plants also create a sound barrier between rooms through their mass and absorb excess noise to allow employees to focus on their tasks.

If interested in constructing an artificial green wall of your own, there are many things to keep in mind. They can be expensive to maintain if you hire someone else to take care of it or don’t have enough time yourself.

You will need enough sunlight and water that passes through your system regularly, so it does not stagnate within the pipes and drip trays. Each plant has its requirements, such as humidity and soil pH, so it is essential to do your research before selecting what plants to include in your green wall outdoors.

Living walls can be a beautiful addition to any home or office, and with the many benefits they provide, it is no wonder they are becoming more popular each year. For those interested in learning more about these vertical gardens, please visit our website for more information.