Top Beautiful Wooden Gifts for Her

While giving gifts can be exciting, it can also be stressful if you don’t have any idea on what to get for the intended recipient. Nowadays, with a lot of online stores, markets, and gift shops out there, there are so many options to choose, and picking the right one can be overwhelming. Luckily, you can narrow down your list to wooden construction kits for adults to make your selection process easier.

Wooden gifts are perfect types of gifts. Why?

  • 100% organic
  • Made from high-quality wood
  • Eco-friendly
  • Safe from harmful chemicals
  • Self-assembly

Moreover, woods help curb carbon emissions, and it doesn’t take many construction materials and toxic substances to produce synthetic materials.

So whether you’re looking for a low budget gift ideas for your girlfriend, sisters, mom, or the others, wooden gifts are the best choice. To give you beautiful ideas, below are the top two wooden gifts perfect for a girl recipient.

  1. UGEARS Butterfly

If your loved ones have the heart for crafting and wooden puzzles, then giving them this UGEARS Butterfly is perfect. It is a unique and beautiful 3D puzzle that complements nature and engineering.

Plus, this 3D butterfly can move once the puzzles are complete. Indeed, a stunning gift to be given by someone who loves crafting and of course has the eye for butterflies. Like any other wood crafts, it is made from 100% plywood, and it’s organic!

What’s more, is that it doesn’t need to be glued to build this puzzle. Just put all the parts together, and voila! You’ll have a 3D moving butterfly perfect for home decorations or displays. Not only that, but the wings of this 3D butterfly can be painted DIY. So if your recipient love arts and they like to play with colors, they will definitely like this gift.

  1. UGEARS Flower

This gift is a beautiful bud-shaped jewelry box perfect for your mom, or your girlfriend who loves to keep their pieces of jewelry safe and secure. It has elegant petal doors opening like a blossoming flower if you turn the ring at the bottom of the flower. If they are done putting the jewelry inside this bud-shaped box, twist the ring to close the petal doors.

Moreover, these UGEARS flowers have two variants: a ballerina and a Tree of Luck perfect for keeping bracelets. So if your mom, sister, or girlfriend is a fan of bracelets, then Tree of Luck is the best choice for her.

Same with UGEARS Butterfly, this elegant and beautiful bud-shaped jewelry box is 100% made from wood, and it’s eco-friendly. You can be sure that this wooden box is made from high-quality plywood that can last up to forever. Also, it doesn’t need to be glued to build this box, because details are cut and all the parts are ready to assemble.