wireless microphone singapore

Wireless microphones as the future of audio communication

From film making, Youtube video making, broadcasting, podcasting to video journalism, wireless microphones are ruling the market like a king. Although they do not share the same esteem as studio microphones, it can easily be said that wireless microphone singapore is the future of audio communications.

Since the usage of wired microphones became widespread it was evident that in some instances they are inconvenient. Innovators came up with wireless microphones as a solution where wired microphones could not prove to be functional. For e.g., staging actors, broadcasting umpires in games, etc.

Types of wireless microphones

  • Handheld – They are the conventional stage microphones only with no wires. They have built-in transmitters into their body and are easy to move around with.
  • Headset – They are typically worn over the head mainly positioning over ears with the transmitter capsule suspended by an arm close to the mouth.
  • Lavalier – Small, compact, clipped onto the clothing, lavalier microphones are hugely popular among vloggers, video journalists and filmmaking.

The benefits of using wireless microphones

  • Wireless means no menace with messy cables.
  • Movement is unrestricted with wireless mics.
  • The types headset and lavalier, offer to be hands-free.
  • Some wireless systems are known to provide high-end performance inspite of wide distances between the transmitter and receiver.
  • Forget about those days when stages looked messy with the mesh of wires.
  • Wireless mics prove to be more durable as they don’t wear out whereas cables do.

No wonder they are so popular!