Structure of Amazon Web Services

Features and Pricing Structure of Amazon Web Services

AWS Amazon Cloud Services features are classified based on their computing power, content storage and delivery, networking, application services, administration and security, analysis, deployment and administration, mobile services, business applications, AWS support, AWS Marketplace software. Its pricing structure depends entirely on the use of these functions for various applications. Managed AWS services include management of these functions through the console to make the best use of available resources at the best price.

The computational power is controlled by EC2 (Elastic Cloud Computing or Servers), which is flexible and fast enough to reduce the real time required to launch new server instances. Ansible tutorial video prices are allowed in three ways on request, punctual and reserved copies. EC2 Container Service manages a cluster of EC2 instances to manage distributed applications. There is no additional charge for using this service. AWS Lambda is a set of computer functions that automatically manage resources, increasing and decreasing them in accordance with requests. Very sensitive and automatically adapts to events. With price based on the calculation time in a tune of 100 milliseconds.An auto scaling feature that helps execute applications and resources for auto zoom and zoom. There is no charge for this feature, it complements AWS Lambda or EC2. Amazon VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) is a private network for managing server-side without any access to the Internet with a multi-level protective wall. There is no additional charge for this feature, but there is a VPN connection charge. springy

Load Balancing (ELB) helps distribute incoming traffic from one application to multiple EC2 instances.

This helps reduce the burden on resources. Prices were calculated based on the time and GB of data transferred.

Storage and content delivery is managed by S3 (Simple Storage Service) for storing and recovering any amount of data when it is needed. It has support functions such as storage, analysis, archiving, disaster recovery. Weka software tutorial payment is calculated on the basis of storage for GB up to 1 TB for the 1st month. Amazon Glacier is a specialized service for archiving and backing up data. It cannot be restored as quickly as S3. Glacier data is stored in storage format, and S3 is stored in any format. Download glacier to GB storage. Amazon EBS (Elastic Block Storage) stores data in bulk and in block format. Loading on GB of storage base. Elastic File System (EFS) is another auxiliary component that helps automatically scale when storing various file systems. Payment in GB for file system storage. AWS Import / Export for entering and exiting the file system using a portable device. Price is charged for each storage device. AWS STorage Gateway to integrate local storage with cloud storage. Free to use the podium. Amazon ElasticsearchKibana tutorial is a content delivery web service that distributes content among developers and companies with low latency and high data transfer rates. Price based on use per GB.

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An AWS consultant must understand and deeply analyze the characteristics of Amazon products and their case used to understand their pricing structure. There are still many features that have yet to be discussed for better understanding. AWS resellers, who manage cloud infrastructure and company architecture on behalf of Amazon, need to be well-versed in updated AWS products to get the best prices.

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